curious as to who we are?

about eiVancouver

in words and pictures

mission statement

"to provide our community with rich user experiences around music, arts & entertainment, and other lifestyle topics"

how we aim to accomplish that mission changes with what's happening in our city and the surrounding areas. we are not however, and never aim to be, a news site. we are about live music and culture, and getting out and experiencing our vibrant community.

things about us

just a few things that you may want to know about us, our goals, and why we do things the way that we do

our focus

shining the light on others

our design

by embracing a minimalist design, we can easily direct your attention to where we believe it should be; on local and visiting artists and their events.


just one point of view

about the team

our community

by engaging with the music and arts communities, we're more able to become aware of live music and other arts & culture events and share them with you. in this way, all of our points of view and awareness and appreciation levels are expanded and get reflected in our pages.

our site

focused right here

our network

by building a network of these sites, not only are we able to help support those artists who want to grow their opportunities and fanbases beyond our city, but we're also able to provide a familiar interface to fans across all of our sister sites.

about the network


not our primary focus


by minimizing advertising on our pages, and instead utilizing a single sponsor bar, we limit the distraction from glaring ads while still allowing companies and organizations a means to support us while we support the artistic communities here in town.