Local Musicians

Vancouver and the lower mainland area is home to an amazingly diverse collection of musicians and bands from every imaginable style and genre.

Jazz, Rock, Metal, Blues, Singer Songwriters, Folk and other artists all live and perform in the many venues around town.


active local musicians and bands

If you or your band are gigging or want to be, and we don't have you listed, please head over to our Artist & Band Sign-Up page and follow a few simple steps to get you and your events into the system.

Artist & Band Sign-Up

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach at Mary Irwin Theatre in Kelowna | Photo copyright (c) 2019 Miles Overn Photography

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach at Mary Irwin Theatre | Photo copyright (c) 2019 Miles Overn Photography

Alex Flock - Acoustic
Anna Katarina - Singer/Songwriter
Antonio Larosa - Country Rock
Barry Wilson - Roots
Bill Runge - Jazz
Blouse - Indie
Blue Voodoo - Blues
Blues Hoodoo - Jazz Fusion
Bonnie Northgraves - Jazz
Brickhouse - Funk

Buckman Coe - Folk
Cityreal - Hip Hop
Clanna Morna - Celtic
Cobra Ramone - Rock and Roll
Coldwater Road - Folk
Dacey - Alt Pop
Dallas Smith - Country
Dan Moxon - Folk
Daniel Moir - Singer/Songwriter
Data Romance - Electro

Dave "Hurricane" Hoerl - Blues
Day Trippers - Tribute
Diane Warren - Acoustic
Dino DiNicolo - Soul
Dominique Fricot - Acoustic
Don Alder - Acoustic Fingerstyle
Emotionz - Hip Hop
Ezra Kwizera - Reggae
Free City Collective - Rock
Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - Jazz

Georgia Lee Johnson - Roots
Gnarfunkel - Rock and Roll
Gold & Youth - Pop
Good For Grapes - Alternative
Grimes - Indie
Head of the Herd - Blues
Hey Ocean! - Pop
Inventing the Dinosaur - Alternative Rock
Jamie Lee - Jazz
Jason Bonnell - Indie

Jason de Couto - Jazz
Jay Klos - DJ
Jim Vallance - Songwriter
Jimmy Baldwin - Country
John Gilliat - World Music
Johnny Bootleg - Blues
Josh Roberts - Jazz
Kai Sky Walker - Rap
Karen Lee Batten - Country
Kasha Kennedy - DJ

Kate MacColl - Pop
Kate Reid - Folk
Kellen Saip - Folk
Lisa Nicole - Country Rock
Living With Lions - Pop Punk
Matt Storm - Singer/Songwriter
Melanie Dekker - Indie Pop
Melody Diachun - Jazz
Merkules - Rap
Mishap and Phonik Ops - DJ

Mud Dog - Blues
My Own Chaos - Metal
Nasty Women Comedy - Comedy
Nice Verdes - Folk
Nikita Afonso - Country
One More Girl - Country
Ox - Alternative Country
Peach Pit - Indie Pop
Prarie Cat - Indie Pop
Precursor - Punk

Real Ponchos - Roots
Redeye Empire - Rock
Rumour Mill - Indie Pop
Scalawag - Indie Folk
Sex With Strangers - New Wave
Shockload - Punk
Siobhan Walsh - Jazz
Smashlee - Rock
Sonic Outcast - Hard Rock
SonReal - Hip Hop

Sparkmarker - Indie
Stacey McKitrick - Country
Tandem Yam - Folk
The Be Good Tanyas - Americana
The Beladeans - Soul
The Cattails - Folk
The Creeks - Roots
The Geese - Folk
The Green Room - Indie
The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer - Blues

The Higgins - Country
The Jins - Rock
The Manvils - Punk
The Organizers - R&B
The Reckoners - Folk
The Valuables - Soul
The Zolas - Indie Rock
Tristan Paxton - Jazz
Uno Mas - Soul Jazz
Valley Gril - Indie

Vancouver Youth Choir - Choral
Vicky Sjohall - Pop
Where We Wander - Alternative
Wintermitts - Folk Rock
Zaac Pick - Indie
Zeppelina - Metal